Poetic Expressions by ZeN: Life – an Encapsulating Cage

‘Life – An Encapsulating Cage’

I am Ill because I am Infected
But I don’t take the pill that’s directed
All my dilemmas have been dissected
(Deeply Inspected)
But I do nothing to correct it

Its a constant rumination
Because Im filled with mental devastation
Of course its not a fresh revelation
Because its a negative continuation

Of this play made of tragedy
In a foul constituency of futility
A personality held by a gravity
Made of deep seethed depravity

Sick I am because I am sedated
By a nightmare clip that I have created
From pleasant things I have deviated
And Im only reminiscent of thing I have hated

Its as simple as white and black
Its a wrinkle that never irons flat
I want to flee but Im filled with only flak
The despondency it reels me right back

But there is always two sides
I wonder if its understanding or pride

To the sky I say let the lightning strike
I will weather any weather, I will fight
To the sky I say let the rain pound
Ill extract power from every fearful sound

If anything in all the words I plant down on a page
Ill use that as a tool to deplete my soul of all its rage

If I cannot escape and cant increase my happiness wage
My words will create a refuge out of this encapsulating cage


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