Popular Attractions in Plymouth, UK

Plymouth is the largest city in Devon, making it a common place for tourists to visit. It isn’t all skyscrapers and smog though, in fact, it is really quite beautiful if you know where to look! When visiting big cities, people often find the popular hotspots and miss out on some of the other fun things they have to offer. If you plan to stay in Plymouth for a few days, there are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained.

National Marine Aquarium

Plymouth is home to the most fantastic aquarium you could ever hope to visit. It is an educational dream, so if you are visiting the city with children, they will learn a thing or two here! Inside, you will see countless varieties of marine life in beautifully preserved tanks. Don’t forget to look up – you may be lucky enough to see a shark swimming above your head! The aquarium also has excellent facilities, and a couple of restaurants with play areas.

Rope Walk, Coxside

Opening Times: 10am – 5pm

01752 600 301

National Marine Aquarium

Plymouth Hoe

The Hoe is a wide open grass area which overlooks the sea. Here you can spot ships going in and out of the harbor, which is perfect if you are a fan of all things nautical. You can also picnic on The Hoe, and it is a good place to fly kites. Many Plymouth events take place here, and one of the biggest is the British Fireworks Championships. Many people flock to the August event to see teams showing off their firework displays.

Smeaton’s Tower

Also located on The Hoe, is Smeaton’s Tower. The 72 foot lighthouse was originally built in 1759. Naturally, it was once a working lighthouse in the sea, but now it is an on land visitor attraction. Climbing to the top will give you incredible views over the city and the harbor, but it is not recommended for those who are scared of heights!

The Hoe

Opening Times: Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 12pm

Smeaton’s Tower

Plymouth Pavilions

Plymouth Pavilions is the home of entertainment. It is where famous musicians and comedians perform concerts, but it is also the home to a great pool and ice skating rink. The swimming pool has a tropical vibe to it, with palm tree decorations all around. There is also an excellent water slide if you’re feeling adventurous. The ice rink is well supervised and looks like a winter wonderland! Don’t worry if you are a little unsteady on your skates, the edges of the rink are very sturdy!

Milibay Rd

Opening Times vary, see website for details

0845 146 1460

Plymouth Pavilions

Plymouth is always a delight to visit, and worth more than just a day trip. If you can squeeze in a weekend visit during your vacation to see Plymouth, you will have a fantastic time!

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