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With winter quickly approaching residents of cold climates begin to evaluate how to most effectively heat their home. Saving on heating costs is a priority for many households and as temperatures drop electric, oil or natural gas bills begin to increase. Given the difficult economy it is now more important than ever for families struggling financially to have alternative heating options for their home. The monthly cost for heat by oil, gas or electricity depends upon how large of a space is being heated and what temperature the thermostat is set for. However, it is very common for families to spend hundreds of dollars monthly to heat their home. Portable heaters provide a solution for individuals seeking an alternative to their current heating system.

Portable heaters have long been utilized as a supplement to a building’s main heating system. When a central heating system is inadequate or too costly to use on a regular basis portable heaters can create a more comfortable indoor temperature. There is a wide selection of heaters available depending on how large of a space needs to be heated. Portable heaters utilize various fuels including electricity, kerosene, propane and natural gas. When the main heating system is turned on in a house, rooms that are not being used still increase in temperature and contribute to increased heating bills. Choosing to keep the overall temperature of the house at a minimum and then placing a space heater in the rooms frequently occupied provides savings on fuel costs and more efficiently provides warmth in the rooms where you want heat.

The iHeater is a space heater on the market that produces savings up to 50% for individuals using it on a regular basis. It is an infrared portable heater, powered by electricity and producing sufficient heat for areas up to 1,000 square feet. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the room while the outside of the unit remains cool making it safe for pets and young children. The design of the iHeater addresses many of the safety concerns surrounding other space heaters. An infrared PTC heating coil interacts with a copper heating chamber to create clean, cost-effective heat for your home and those living there. Running this portable heater costs just pennies daily and combined with a substantial reduction in their heating bills, families can be alleviated some of the financial stress caused by winter’s cold temperatures.

Portable heaters offer flexibility regarding which rooms you need heated. Depending on the time of day these needs may vary. Portable heaters such as the iHeater are easy to maneuver from room to room as needed. Furthermore, the heat generated from the portable heater will be felt beyond the room where the unit is located. Those considering a space heater to supplement their home’s heat and reduce the expense of heating bills can benefit by researching the products currently available for purchase. Finding a portable heater that is efficient, cost-effective, safe for pets and young children, and that evenly distributes clean heat is a sound investment. The money initially invested in the purchase of a space heater will be recouped by the reduction in heating costs during the winter.

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