Practical Ways to Use an Open Loft

An open loft that overlooks a living room, a dining room or another area of the home can be a very impressive part of the home, but it is wasted space if it is not used in practical ways. I had an open loft in a duplex that I rented a few years ago, and it was visible from the entryway. Because of the high ceiling and openness of the overhead space, the living room area appear expansive even though it was quite small. All eyes automatically traveled up to the loft, but I wanted to find a way a practical way to use it. I tried using it as a family room for playing games and watching television, but the noise level was far too high for those watching TV below. Find out how I chose to use my open loft, and discover new uses for extra square footage.

Create a Comfy Seating Area for Reading and Relaxing

After realizing that it would not be possible to use my open loft for watching television since the sound interfered with the TV below, I moved the TV out and purchased a sectional. I placed it in the far corner where it could not be seen from below, and I added tabletop task lighting and an array of comfy throw pillows. I placed a large round upholstered ottoman in the center of the arrangement.. I used the sectional for napping and reading. Although the open loft was not quiet when others were home, it was a comfy out-of-the-way space for reading and relaxing. A reading nook was a practical way to use my open loft.

Add a Desktop Computer with Headphones

I still had plenty of extra space in my large open loft. I added a desktop computer along with high quality headphones. Those using the computer did not disturb people watching television below, and computer users were not disturbed by the noise that emanated from the lower level of the home. The open loft was a practical place for my kids to use the computer. My usual workspace was in front of the television in the living room below.

Use a Sunny Loft for Growing Plants

My beautiful loft had a set of large south-facing windows. I have always loved plants, and the space in front of the windows was available for use. I purchased a slate tile sofa table and used it as a decorative and practical place to hold plants. It was the ideal height since it reached the windowsill. The plants thrived in my sunny open loft, and they added natural beauty to the space.

The area of the open loft directly in front of the railing seemed like wasted space, but it was not truly useless. The expansiveness and unique appearance of the area made it useful since it added to the beauty of the home. Three walls and the center of the room were available for practical use, and I used it to the fullest. The open loft was my favorite place to kick back and relax, and it gave me a place to display and care for my array of potted plants. It is an architectural element that I would love to have again someday when I purchase another home.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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