Random Oddservations

· Why we spending billions to hunt down nuts ? · Why aren’t we spending more money on alcohol at state dinners? · No pants suits allowed for Secretary of States! · Does Hillary spend most of her time trying to prove she is smarter than her husband? · Hillary was right, almost 12 years ago, about health insurance. Damn her hide and I wanted to mock her. · Get over immigration. If you are Hispanic you are welcomed. Hell, we stole millions of acres from you including California during the Mexican American war. We deserve pay back. · If you are in a Mideast country and your husband tells you to cover your head, tell him to f^&*k off. · I think a good minor league baseball manager would be a better presidential candidate than ALL of the Republican candidates. · Why doesn’t Spellcheck recognize my creative spelling? · Why are white men always made to look stupid in commercials? · What is the point behind airport security? It would fail every cost benefit analysis. · I suspect cell phones do cause cancer. You are holding radiation against your ear · I am sick of any show that contains the word Jersey, Real Housewives, Idol, Survivor or is described as a reality show. · ARRP and NRA are very dangerous and selfish associations. · Our economy sucks because we have become a service economy. · Why do fat people drink Diet Coke.? · I think Lester Hope is much better anchorman than Brian Williams. I think Brian knows how “to play the game”. · I am tired of pert news women. I want a news woman with gray hair and an attitude. · There will never be a cure for cancer. Drug companies will not allow it. And milllions of jobs will be lost.

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