Ranking All Katy Perry Songs

Katy Perry is now tied with Michael Jackson for most number one singles off of a single CD. Who knows if she is done releasing singles off of the monster CD “Teenage Dream?” She opened last summer with “California Girls” and here we are an entire year later and she has the hit summer jam again with “Last Friday Night.” In between, we had “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” and “ET.” Every single one of the song were a huge hit, and any artist would be ecstatic to have even one hit like that off a CD.

Her first CD was no shlub either. “One of the Boys” was a huge success with three amazing singles. Katy Perry made a huge splash with her first single “I Kissed a Girl.” It was tongue and cheek and caused a definite stir. She followed it with the infectious “Hot n Cold” and the rocking “Waking Up in Vegas.” Amongst both CDs, there are incredible songs that never hit the airways! This list is all about ranking all of Katy Perry’s songs! Let the listing begin!

26. Hummingbird Heartbeat (Teenage Dream)

25. Peacock (Teenage Dream)

24. UR So Gay (One of the Boys)

23. Mannequin (One of the Boys)

22. Cup of Coffee (One of the Boys)

21. Pearl (Teenage Dream)

20. I Think I’m Ready (One of the Boys)

19. Self Inflicted (One of the Boys)

18. If You Can Afford Me (One of the Boys)

17. I’m Still Breathing (One of the Boys)

16. Thinking of You (One of the Boys)

15. California Girls (Teenage Dream)

14. The One That Got Away (Teenage Dream)

13. Last Friday Night (Teenage Dream)

12. I Kissed a Girl (One of the Boys)

11. One of the Boys (One of the Boys)

10. Who Am I Living For (Teenage Dream)

9. Circle the Drain (Teenage Dream)

8. Fingerprints (One of the Boys)

7. Hot n Cold (One of the Boys)

6. Teenage Dream (Teenage Dream)

5. Lost (One of the Boys)

4. Firework (Teenage Dream)

3. Waking Up In Vegas (One of the Boys)

2. Not Like the Movies (Teenage Dream)

1. E.T. (Teenage Dream)

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