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As the next presidential election draws near, each of the presidential candidates are ramping up their campaigns. The smear campaigns are coming out, right on cue, polls are tallying up the percentages of popular opinion, and the average citizen is forming his or her own opinion, all at once. Like any other national election, this one will determine the direction America will head, over the next four years and will have lasting effects on the future of our country. This upcoming election will be very important to America, not just in an economic sense, or a job growth sense, but in an overall sense.

But the most important question on my mind, which candidate is the best choice? Should we stick with the Democratic Party, or should we turn back to the Republican Party again? Will America be best served with keeping President Barack Obama in office? Will we be severed better with a businessman like Governor Mitt Romney? Will one of the other GOP candidates be a better fit? Or should America turn, for the first time, to an independent candidate?

The democrats are saying, “Give us more time,” The republicans are using the current state of the economy to garner support, and there is not yet a strong independent party candidate. Clearly the democratic favorite in this election is our current president, Barack Obama. As an independent, I think Sarah Palin would make a strong showing, but would also pull a large number of votes from the Republican Party. There are many strong republican candidates, but the three who stand out the most to me are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain. Most of the other republican candidates are falling behind in the polls and in popular opinion. Cain seems to be leading in the majority of the pools, but he has a sexual assault accusation hanging over his head.

Newt Gingrich has served America for many years and I feel he has served us faithfully. The works he has collaborated on and completed have pulled the United States in the right direction. As part of our executive branch, I am sure he would continue to provide perspective and wisdom to the new administration, a wisdom he has earned through years or service. But my choice to lead our great country though this economic disaster and into the future, has to be former Governor Mitt Romney. As a state governor Romney has proved that he can effectively run an independent economy as well as bring a state government from being in debt to having a surplus. America is in need of a strong business mind to lead us. Any successful state governor has already proven that they can get a state back on track and maintain that economy.

I believe that America is in need of some drastic changes if we are all going to survive. Now ideas need to enter the White House. Ideally the Republican Party nominations for the upcoming election will be Mitt Romney for president, with Newt Gingrich as his vice-president. This will bring new ideas, a strong business sense, and economic expertise together with stalwart loyalty and a wealth of Capitol Hill experience.

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