A Picture-Perfect, Do-it-yourself Valentine Gift

Create a personal valentine for use on a greeting card, gift magnet or bookmark. Use a digital copy of a treasured photo as the heart of the project. Because you create the template to fit your needs, you’re assured of a suitable frame for your photo.

Digital copy of photo, approximately wallet-sized

Plain paper for template

Colored paper, felt or craft foam


Craft glue

Cut two heart-shaped templates from plain paper. Make sure that the shape is large enough to encompass the photo.

Cut an opening in one template to display the image to best advantage.

Trace the templates onto the colored paper. Cut the opening for the photo.

Use a small amount of glue to attach the photo to the back of the cutout. Once that dries, glue the solid heart to the back of the cutout.

Attach the heart to a greeting card blank.


A simple geometric shape that complements the photo makes the preferred choice for the photo cutout.

Add a message around the photo to personalize the gift even further.

Print any planned messages on the interior of the greeting card before affixing the heart to the card.

Use construction paper or felt to make suitable bookmarks. Very thin craft foam works, as well.

Craft foam hearts become magnets with the addition of a section of a self-adhesive magnet to the back.

Use a collection of smaller photos to create a family tree on poster board. Sketch in a trunk and branches and attach the hearts to the tree.

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