A Real and Happy Marriage Isn’t Project Merlin

Today is not so great. I am actually not in good shape. It must be period-related but who knows. Bad timing, I know. It sucks to be sick and be alone at the same time. Not a fun combination, eh.

Tough, especially when the best care provider is not around. Yes, this day makes me miss my husband all the more. Not because I need someone to take care of me but because I am reminded of how great his love for me is.

Since the odds of being with him now are not giving me any choice, I will create my own set of options. Yes, I will choose to be happy. Haha, c’mon, I have no reason to be sad. As what he’d always say, happiness is a choice and it’s not rocket science. So right now, I am thinking happy thoughts. I am thinking of him, of us. And he is absolutely right.

Somehow after gaming my mind, I feel better. As memories of those times spent together essayed to pump that happy feeling, I can’t help but realize that a relationship doesn’t have to be sent to the miracle department.

A happy marriage isn’t Project Merlin if the very people involved are seriously committed to keep the magic alive. There’s no known potion, no proven fashion. Just be in it for the long haul, with the highest degree of dedication you can submit yourself to.

John and I are blessed to live in our world where honesty is the currency, with love being the exchange rate.

With him I enjoy the kind of reality that most couples in the world are struggling so hard to find. With him I share a real marriage, one that didn’t start after the wedding but one that continues to iterate itself for the better.

Ours is not a perfect love story. It is actually punctuated with holes that we both patched together. But you know, it is with the very presence of imperfections that genuine feelings are pushed to the surface. That is a bonus discovery for people who are in touch with the true love side. Well, that makes John and I extremely lucky that we can tell Magellan, “Man, we found the Spice Island.”

We’ve been through rough times too but we took them as necessary lows that enabled us to see the awesome heights we’ve reached as a team, as partners. Our daily triumphs are fortunate leftovers from a challenging yesterday.

I feel that as a young woman who is married to someone senior my age, I am blessed with a husband who has seen a lot of life and learned from it. He is someone who can guide me, pointing out the road signposts as I explore the best direction to take with him. He is someone that I can hold on and look up to. Someone I can love and be in love with, with sincerity in our hearts that is deeply rooted. His kind of love is selfless, always giving, always all-out. He is a die-hard fan of being human, using his heart to have a clearer view of what’s inside you.

Until now I am incredulous about ending up with a super human like him, should I say, the best husband in the world.

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