A Room

A Room
This room may appear as a normal room to the average eye, those who see without eyes will find it to be much more. Though the literature in it has increased throughout time, which one may be fooled into thinking that is the purpose and the reason for its existence. The literature is on all topics that relate to humanity and life. The joys, sorrow, struggle and achievements as well, can be found recorded here from the beginning of written history for all and any to see. This is not your typical room filled with knowledge, it is also a gateway. But as mention, that gate is not seen by all. Not that it cannot be seen by all, it’s just that most don’t see the gate or should I say, some either refuse to see or just don’t care to. This is the challenge that this room will bring to many in more ways than one. For one will see knowledge with all its benefits, but they can become a hindrance as well. For with its increasing in many, there is a deterioration that has been essential to the very existence of humanity.

This deterioration occurs for many because what appears to be conflicting ideas and situations in the writings found stored throughout time stored on these walls, will serve as a stumbling block for them as their learning grows. Though there are constant reminders in this room that point the way and attempt to keep their eyes seeing in the way they were truly meant to see, many of us will never realize this potential or even believe that it is real. Many in time have required signs and others wisdom, to them this room has been or will become that stumbling block or just foolishness, even though this room has supplied both the signs and wisdom they seek. No one knows when this structure was built; some even believe it wasn’t made by human or alien hands for that matter. A room can be in many forms and materials; one will take from a room either nothing or something as profound as an epiphany. Age or intellect are not a criteria in doing so, but something as simple as faith and hope at times can change one’s room.

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