A Song for Nick Ward

Nicholas Ward ran that bike

Like a daredevil king

It was out if sight

Spinning rock and dirt

He ran down the trail

Hitting the curves

Like the bike was on rails

No one could keep up

With the kid we called Nick

The speed was to fast

His moves were too slick

His bike was like thunder

His moves made it rain

If you tried to keep up

You were flushed down the drain

From out of no where

Came the Dare Devil King

He blocked the trail

His bike did sing

Nick looked at the King

And said the race is on

The hammers were dropped

This is their song.

They tore down the trail

Like fearless fools

That Dare Devil King

Was a real tool

He kicked at Nick’s bike

As they rounded a curve

The impact caused

The kid to swerve

With nerves of steel Nick hit the gas

Man that Nick was mighty fast

The King was racing like the wind

Nick right behind him

With a message to send

When they came upon Dead Man’s Hill

Nick hit the throttle

It was quite a thrill

Both bikes went air born at the same time

When Nick hit the ground

He turned on a dime

With a move so smooth

Nick hit the gas

That Dare Devil King

Can kiss my ass

Nick beat the King

By a good twenty yards

Beating the kid

Was not in the cards

The King rode up to shake Nick’s hand

The King took off the helmet

And then the gloves

By the time she did that

Nick was in love

The king was a girl!

As cute as a dove

They rode off together

The two of them

We don’t know what happened

Or where they went

But according to Nick

His message was sent.

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