Ab Training Goes Hi-Tech

Killer workouts especially ab training nowadays is continuing to be the hype of health and wellness aspect of human life. People would go to many heights just to reach their goals of having an optimal weight, be healthy and above all- a killer physique.

The guys in particular are adapting to almost every kind of workout just to sculpt their bodies from flabby or skinny- to hottie. Many guys jog or trek almost every day- some three times a week in the mornings. After the running and jogging, they then do the ab training along with other strenuous lifting of barbells and the performing of laterals and squats to really pump those muscles.

I am sure everyone will want to have killer abs like those surfer guys who have washboard abs that you see on the beaches. It would make any girls or gays swoon. But did you know that doing ab training alone cannot build your six-pack abs?

It is important that one should know that athletes and lifeguards did not create their chiseled abs just by doing crunches alone. We must start debunking myths when it comes to sculpting our abs.

Myth 1 – Training your Abs Daily will Pump Results.

This is probably the most common notion that every guy believes in. In reality you do not need to do ab training everyday in order to start shedding off your belly fat. Training them at least three times a week will actually bring good results. If you are just starting with the workout, perform ab training on a straight plank or bench and then slowly progress to the inclined one as you start to tolerate it.

Myth 2 – A Workout alone can compensate for My Poor Diet.

I have known so many of my guy friends working up a sweat in the gym but then pigging out afterwards and they justify it by telling themselves “I always have the gym to go to and it is enough to overcome my poor eating habits.” Well here is what I say to them “Sorry bud but you got to stop this way of thinking.”

Proper nutrition along with your killer workout will do wonders. You must decide for yourself to stick to a personalized nutrition plan and then couple it with your exercise routine. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and healthy sources of carbohydrates is good to pair with your workout. Steer clear from cola drinks and other unnecessary sources of excessive sugar-rich foods accompanied with flour. This will ruin your goals.

Myth 3 – Concentrating on My Abs will pump it fast.

Focusing on ripping up your belly fat alone will not do the trick of shaping your abs. In fact, a guy who does an intense workout involving large muscle groups in a short amount of time will yield better results than the guy who concentrate on ab training for most of his exercise. Athletes do an intense training with the focus on working out many muscle groups at one little time and rest for a certain interval.

It all boils down to this- good nutrition plus killer workout plus self motivation equals good results. There are lots of other ways to pump up your metabolism and burn calories whilst following good nutrition and exercising. Find an ab training style that suits you.

Invest in yourself. You are worth a million dollars! Do ab training workouts along with good nutrition.

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