Accupressure Hot Spots

If you are suffering from aches and pains due to stiffness, stress, or inactivity, you can recharge your body by pressing a few key spots called “hot spots”. These hot spots, when triggered, will release pent up stress also removing built up toxins in the area. There are books and manuals that can teach you how to properly do acupressure and reflexology.

You can learn the techniques on your own by probing the sole of your barefoot applying deep pressure with your thumb. Start in the middle of the foot massaging every square millimeter of the sole of your foot and work your way up to the toes. If you notice any “ouch” spots or tense areas just keep working the spot until the tenderness subsides. The foot massage should be done on both feet for the desired effect. Calcium and other toxic substances build up in the soles of the feet. The probing and pressure breaks up those build ups so the energy called “chi” can be released and freely flow.

Acupressure along with chi building exercises and tonic herbs are a great benefit to an ailing body. Once the practice of acupressure and chi building exercises begin you will notice your energy increases dramatically. No more visits to the chiropractor, no more sore muscles, and a feeling of well being will take hold. These are tried and true practices known to the Chinese for thousands of years. The human body is a maze of energy channels ; it is those energy channels that get blocked. These energy channels transport electrochemical signals to all the organs, muscles, bones, and lymph systems. An example would be on the web of the hand between the index finger and the thumb is acupressure point LI 4 (Large Intestine meridian 4). This point is known for relieving tension headaches.

Western medicine is just beginning to recognize alternative methods for treating chronic non specific health conditions.

A good reference book for applying self acupressure is ACUPUNCTURE WITHOUT NEEDLES by J.V. Cerney, D.C, A.B., D.M., D.P.M.

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