Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income Marketing Machine, Are You for Real

“You’re telling me that I can sit at home in my underwear and make money?” I was incredulous.

“Yup, twenty-four-seven, 365 days a year.”

“And all I have to do is get people to read my ad and then link to my site and buy a service or product?”

“Like I said, twenty-four-seven, 365 days a year.”

The voice sounded tired and a bit too scripted. I wondered where on the planet this associate, who identified himself as Richard, was sitting and what time of day it was there.

I have been a successful senior leader and entrepreneur in the real world of health care. I have recently attempted to make a go of it on-line and I wonder how anyone can make money when everyone seems to be using the same play book.

“So, if I provide quality content on a niche market that’s where I start.” It was really a question that I disguised as a comment.

“Yes, sir, James Pullman.” I had not told him my name, so I assumed he was reading it off a caller I.D.

It was hard not to find the idea appealing. “I start a blog and populate it with unique information and then when someone comes to my site, I capture their information with an Aweber like software.

“Yes,” there was definitely an accent, but I could not identify it.

“Once I have the list,” I was reading back from my notes, “then I send them follow-up e-mails with catchy tag lines repeatedly until they break down and finally order something from me?” It simply sounded too good to be true.

“Yes, and you do not even need to do anything once it is set up. Just set it and forget it.” The voice perfectly intonated the infomercial that I could no longer place.

“Set it and forget it,” I repeated salivating at how easy all of this was going to be.

“Yes, Mr. Pullman , Yes.” Richard said in tone was intended to sound excited.

“And in no time I will have my own passive money machine? A veritable ATM of profits being automatically deposited in my account?”

“Just as we advertise,” Richard said.

I was going to break telemarketing protocol so I whispered, “Richard, do you just work for a telecommunications company or do you also use this product.”

I paled as Richard spoke his next words. He sounded like Indian, and not American Indian, but Southeast Asian Indian, “James, I do use the products. I have used them for three years and I have just reached the point where I am going to quite this job, buy an exotic sports car, and live the rest of my days in my huge American style mansion.”

I was so taken aback, I did not know what to say, and so I simply said, “Excuse me? Did you say you made your money just by driving traffic to your site?”

His accent was gone and he sounded like he was from Kansas with his next line, “Yes I did. Have a nice day and a great life.” The line was dead.

So I went back to my blog site, signed off and set it and forget it. I guess when my bank account swells I will know it was a success.

Thanks for reading.

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