After Death Comes Life?

At some point in our life we have all experienced a loss from someone we thought wouldn’t leave us so soon. How do we accept this? I lost my aunt in July from leukemia, which to me was extremely painful, all my memories of her flashed by my mind in an instant; I was not even able to say one last goodbye. Perhaps it was my fault, I was too sure she would be fine and would recover soon. I was worried about her maybe she felt scared and lost after all no one knows what happens to those that pass where do they go? What do they see? That same night I came across a documentary called “Life after Life” (Dr. Raymond A Moody, 2010) about near death experiences people who have died for a little while and suddenly come back to life. When each person was interviewed they all had a different story to tell but with a similar ending, the ending of their life seemed to be the best feeling they have ever had, nothing a pair of Gucci pumps could give you. A supernatural feeling of complete unconditional Love, one person described it as that feeling you get when you see your parents again after a long time. As soon as they had left their body behind they were overwhelmed with happiness; they could smell everything surrounding them and saw things in a panoramic view. After wandering around for a bit each person described going through a tunnel as they got closer they saw a bright light at the end. Once they reached the end of the tunnel they began to see familiar faces parents, brothers, and grandparent’s.

None of the people wanted to return to their bodies even though they had a mission to complete in their life. It was as if earth was hell itself, nothing could compare to what they saw and felt. That night, after I saw that documentary I thought to myself if life is such a beautiful gift why wouldn’t death be as beautiful; besides we only know how to fulfill our carnal desires but what about our spiritual desires? I became unafraid of death after all we all have to rest someday; our bodies can only take so much. Death is of the body not the soul, the person that we truly are inside will continue and the loved ones we have lost are not really lost, the thought that I will one day see my aunt again gives me closure that she will be happy and at peace than when she was sick in the hospital bed. Just as other’s have passed into such a beautiful dimension one day so will we.

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