Age 50+ Shoppers Receive Special Treatment

Hats off to retailers who are recognizing the value of “over 50+” shoppers. Stores are bending over backwards making concessions for these shoppers that have never been done for previous generations. However, no need to be jealous because the changes and modifications in the shopping arena benefit us all, not just the “over 50+” shopper. According to an article entitled Retail Redo in the September/October 2011 issue of AARP magazine, approximately 7000 people will join the ranks of shoppers over age 65. What kind of innovations have the retailers put into place you may ask? Glad you asked. We have listed some changes that you may note or have already noted at your favorite retail establishment.

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Recognizing that those of us who are over 50 do not possess the keen vision of 20 years ago, companies such as CVS and Walgreens have hung magnifying glasses from shelves and have let more light filter through their windows so that more natural light is let into the store.

Magnifying Glasses Large, well known pharmacy retailers such as CVS and Walgreens have led the way in making innovations for shoppers over age 50. These drug retailers hang magnifying glasses from its shelves and have lowered shelves and have placed products on lower shelves so older shoppers do not have to reach high or bend too low to reach items. How often in the past I have wished I had a magnifying glass to read a label or check a price. In the article, it is mentioned that Target has made a helpful accommodation by increasing the font on its pharmacy labels. No more squinting to read the directions on the label.

According to Steve Perlowski, vice president of industry affairs for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores remarks that companies have instituted these changes which culminate several years of planning to make shopping easier for older consumers.

The September/October 2011 issue of AARP magazine notes that other businesses are now following the lead of retailers to make shopping more comfortable for the “over 50″ consumer. First Republic Bank based in San Francisco now uses automatic doors to replace cumbersome, heavy doors. Customers can sit in higher chairs complete with firm cushions that make it easier for clients to stand from a sitting position much easier.

With these innovative changes, the shopping experience is made more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone, not just the “over 50″ shopper. On your next shopping trip, see if you note any changes in your favorite stores that make shopping easier and more enjoyable. If you do note any changes, let the retailer know how appreciative you are of their efforts to increase your shopping pleasure. They probably will be thrilled that you noticed.

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