Air Jordan II Re-release…………

On December 23rd at 11 pm, the Air Jordan II “Concord” was re-released. Retail websites such as Finish Line and Foot Locker locked up as thousands rushed to purchase this shoe. When those seeking to purchase online couldn’t, they rushed to stores in malls everywhere and other arenas to be the first in line to purchase the Concord.

What’s troubling about this whole thing is the fact that the shoe retailed at approximately $180. There evidently was a limited number manufactured. Online, there was no limit to the number an individual could purchase nor was there a limit in the stores.

When the first individuals were allowed the opportunity to grab these shoes, guess who got them? Those seeking to capitalize off the popularity. It appears, the shoes sold out in record time. Some were purchasing well over ten or twelve pairs. There were those who purchased the shoes to later sell them for $400 and $500.

While this is obviously good marketing strategy, it is hawking. Similar to those individuals who purchase tickets to sports or musical events and later stand outside the event when the tickets have been sold out at the legal rate to then sell them at rates making profits of 300 to 400 percent over the original cost.

The law protects consumers from these hawkers. Why haven’t these same laws been applied in other situations? Clearly, the shoes are not worth the price asked at $180. You can see a picture of the Air Jordan II here: Air Jordan 11 “Concord.”

Michael Jordan is one of the most inspiring individuals in sports history. He made many young boys work to seek their goals even when they felt they did not have a chance, they were inspired to try by Michael Jordan. His story has been one that will forever be told. The image of his flying has made some steal away and work hard to reach their dreams while others have literally tried and believed they to could and would some day fly through the air. So there is nothing that can diminish his image other than he himself.

However, the manufacturers of the Air Jordan should recognize the problem when introducing these shoes and others, they should understand the way this is being used to tarnish Michael’s image and should work to in the future make changes to the way the shoes are introduced.

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