Alberto Del Rio and Christian Return

Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manger of Monday Night Raw, Mr. John Laurinaitis had a special announcement for the WWE Universe at the Elimination Chamber. In short Laurinaitis felt that he should replace SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. Laurinaitis was not the only one who felt this way. Returning Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Christian made their way to the ring to give Laurinaitis their endorsement. Laurinaitis was also endorsed by Mark Henry, who was recently suspended by Long.

This was one of the worst returns for Del Rio. When Del Rio announced that he would be taking time off for his injury he made a promise to the WWE Universe. Del Rio stated “I promise you all one thing and that will be my New Years Resolution. I will be back and it will be more vicious, more aggressive than ever before. And I don’t care who I need to destroy, I will be WWE Champion again.” A return to endorse Laurinaitis did not bring Del Rio back in a vicious or aggressive manner. Maybe when Del Rio steps into the ring to challenge another Superstar he will show us his new aggressive nature. It would have been better for the WWE to wait until WrestleMania for Del Rio to return. If they wanted him to return in an aggressive manner he could have attacked the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion after their Match, allowing the Money In The Bank winner from WrestleMania to cash in their Briefcase and become the new Champion.

They WWE could have had Del Rio return at WrestleMania and attack one of the Money In The Bank competitors, thus taking them out of the Match and allowing Del Rio to take their place. It appears the WWE dropped the ball on Del Rio’s return but at least they had better luck with Christian’s.

Christian’s return to endorse Laurinaitis made much more sense than Del Rio’s. Christian has been doing whatever it takes to get one more World Heavyweight Championship Match. Therefore, it makes sense that he would return to support Laurinaitis. If Laurinaitis becomes the new General Manager of Smackdown, he can grant Christian his World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Who’s return do you think made more sense? Del Rio or Christian?


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