All in One Moment

Accept the moment you are in
For it is all you have
Every second you ignore
Is a second that passes you by
Spend those moments shining
Looking for love
And awaking your mind

Faceless figures stand around
Looking at each other
Not making much sense
They stretch out their arms out
And they bow their heads
Existing only in shades
Of blue, yellow and red
The faceless figures serve no purpose
They exist only to exist
The colors they exist in
Are not actually there
All they do is stand
With their heads bowed
Still looking at each other
Not making much sense

A lone bird soars
Over golden beaches
Touching a deep blue ocean
Flying out to sea
Gently touching the horizon
The lone bird returns
To an empty golden beach

An endless canvas splattered
With the colors of life
All covered by a sheet of white
But under this sheet
Lives a beauty beyond compare
Corrupted by the false ideal
That love conquers all

An undying love fills her soul
Telling her what to do
Tossing aside all other feelings
She ignores the ones who love her
To pursue her own desires
And allow a sense of longing
To replace her existence
In all other forms

The lone wanderer looks out
On to an endless sea of torment
Not one drop of happiness to be seen
Only disappointment and bitterness wait for him
But alas he jumps in
And he becomes swallowed

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