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“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…” Thus begins a document that is the basis of the United States of America. With this as a main principle of our nation, it is my belief that we should not have a national language assigned. I believe this for several reasons.

As previously stated, one main foundation of the U.S. is equality. Assigning English as the national language would make it appear as if that is the most important language. This does not foster equality among Americans. Instead, it creates further class division. Some people would be considered not good enough because they don’t speak the official language. This does not help to keep equality.

Another core value in our country has always been freedom. Many people came to America to escape persecution and find a place to live freely as they wish. If we assign a language that everyone is required to work with, that limits freedom. Our freedom is restricted enough there days. Why create another limitation?

America was created to be a nation of tolerance. We are made up of many different races, religions and types of people. With all of that variety involved in a population, there comes a variety of languages. Our founders set up our country to be accepting. Instead of creating one official language, why not embrace the many languages that exist in our country? Each language has its own root, its own culture. It’s better to explore that culture, rather than try to force it to disappear.

Availability of Services
No one should be denied something they need simply because they don’t speak English. One of the great things about the United Stated is that there’s always a way to communicate. There are both online and telephone services that can translate any language. If we make a law enforcing a national language, those services will likely disappear. This will limit people who don’t speak fluent English from getting things they need.

It is my opinion that English should not become the official language of the U.S.A. In a nation built on such lofty values as freedom, tolerance and equality, how can we place such limits on the language? Let’s embrace our differences and find unity within the uniqueness of each culture. Let’s truly be the United States of America.

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