Alternatives to White Sugar

If you are trying to get off of white sugar there are a couple of sugar alternatives that will help you to get through this tough period. Believe it or not processed sugar withdrawal is a difficult thing to go through and the longer your use white sugar and the more you use the harder it is to eliminate it from your diet.

Where many of us use white sugar without a second thought it may be that we were raised on this product and it has simply become a habit and is something with which we are familiar. You can however take steps to minimize the use of white sugar by slowing reducing the intake as well as by using alternative healthier products.

Pay attention to how much white sugar you use in coffee, tea as well as in your baking and cooking. One of the best ways to begin the process of eliminating white sugar from your diet is to slowly reduce the amount you use on a daily basis. If you use two teaspoons in a drink begin to use one teaspoon or a teaspoon and a half until you can handle it. Once you have reduced your intake consider switching to an alternative sweetening product.

There are several options for alternative sugar products. It may take experimenting with various products to find the one that works for you. Raw sugar is one of the many alternative choices to slowly wean away from white sugar. The taste is good, it is affordable and it is not necessarily a shocking change for the individual that is a heavy white sugar user. Agave is another excellent choice for an alternative to white sugar and is generally sold as syrup. Agave provides a natural sweet taste and can be used for baking as well. Date sugar and honey are also excellent choices for use as an alternative to white sugar. Many people who eat organically enjoy the taste of date sugar making it an ideal choice if looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

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