Amazonian Mermaid

I thought I might go and free her soul,
That Amazonian Mermaid.

She spends her youth in a telephone booth.

(Phone booth? Text me if you no of one!)

Forsooth she does say,
I have no way to pay.

Her fantastic voice leaves me no choice,
I rush down with a dime,

(A dime, what year is it?)

Arriving just in time,
To pay for a call home.

She walked me home,
That Amazonian Mermaid.
Cleared my eyes,
Killed the flies,
Called some faraway guys,
Cause my phone was free for her.

She found no point in talk,
So we go on a fantasy walk,
Through the living room and upstairs,
For of rooms there are many spares.

She chooses mine, and wine
To spend the nighttime,
That Amazonian Mermaid.

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