An Interview

Nick’s theme hits the arena. 25,000 fans cheer as he walks down the ramp. Normally he would be coming out to greet the fans but tonight, on this stage, he’s walking with a purpose. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I stand before you tonight a beaten man, a man who once ruled his glory. A man who at one time was so popular with the fans that nothing could stop him” “You see, in ever since my group was created two years ago, I thought that the group would be unstoppable” I thought the group would dominate this campus. I also thought that I had assembled the best group of people to get the job done” “Two years later, I stand before you and admit I was wrong. I admit I made a bad choice.

The question is now, where do my friends stand? Where does the group stand? Since last year, it has been nothing but fighting and one by one dissolving the group. One by one, everyone thinks that they can go against the group and think that they can survive on their own. They have tried to take out the leader on many occasions, each time failing to get the job done. I am here tonight to say that as of right now I fight alone, I fight for what’s right, I fight for the people who give a damn about being a success in life. The Game is over and now begins a new chapter. An era of good will an era where if you have a problem you wont hide behinds others. The era of pain ends tonight, and now begins an era of justice and closure. Nick stares into his past. He trembles back with fear of his past mistakes.

He looks into the camera and punches it. The glass shatters and shards lay across the ring. Never before has he had to endure so much hostility in one setting. Tonight, I’m declaring a war between the group and myself and I fight alone, One last fight about pride and respect. The fans are shocked about what Nick is saying. They have never seen a side like this of him. Finally, Nick stares into the camera, looks around to his one man army and the fans. “Ladies and gentlemen, Let the war begin” Nick throws down the mic, and walks up the ramp a defeated man.

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