Angels in the Midst

There are times in life when
I want to do nothing but cry
It is because I feel hopeless and lost
I have no courage or strength left to fight

There are many questions I have to ask
But wonder where I will find answers
My heart and mind then go into battle
And they are unwavering in their determination to win

It is at times like these
I begin to pray and ask for guidance
I look to the sky and listen quietly
For a sign of what the outcome will be

A breeze begins to blow
Enveloping me in love
I begin to relax
And feel comforted

I close my eyes and
Slowly fall into a meditative trance
There is a presence near
I begin to tingle

Listening closely
This is what I hear
Do not be afraid
For I am here

I open my eyes
and look around
I am the only one
sitting outside amongst my nature friends

I close my eyes again
And another message comes to me
You know what to do
God is with you

After arguing with myself
Claiming insanity as the reason
For hearing the voice
The voice becomes loud and firm

I am your guardian angel
Sent by God to be your guide
Along the journey
You are about to take

I acknowledge the presence
And thank him for this message
I know that I have nothing to fear
Things will work out for the best

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