Are You an Article Engineer?

The term engineer is often misused. As a young boy, I always thought an engineer was a person that drove a train. As time went by, I realized that the word engineer meant more than that. It was used in the areas of construction, aerospace, technology and even sanitation. The word itself always has to have an adjoining word to define its meaning.

Are you a writer or article engineer? Are the two the same or different? What is the difference between a successful writer and a common writer? Let’s examine the two. A common writer writes from his heart about a subject that they want to draw attention to. Their main goal is to get their point across to their readers. It supersedes any other motivation, that the writer might have.

An article engineer carefully plans out the article that they are writing. They engineer their article to generate lots of web traffic. They use a common subject and then will use various techniques to jockey for this web traffic. For example, to draw hits a writer might use the name of a Hollywood celebrity. They might incorporate a highly ranked link to another web site.

An article engineer will also write something that is relevant to the reader. Their content will have substance. It could make a difference in an individuals life.

An article engineer will open with a great title and stick to the subject in the title. Every sentence and paragraph will make a point and lead into the next point that the writer makes.

An article engineer will proof read their article and make sure that all grammatical errors are taken care of. They will give credit to the sources that they use. They also make sure that the article relates clearly to all readers.

An article engineer will also write articles that have a touch of green in them. It is something that readers can come back to whenever necessary.

Finally, an article engineer will keep up to date with the changes, that are made in the way articles are displayed in social networking.

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