Are You in a Holding Pattern of a Self-Centered Shell?

Are you a person who lives your life in a quandary and don’t know why? Do you fear a new challenge and you’re afraid of making any changes in your life? Have you asked yourself, “Why do I remain in this self-centered shell with a dread of trying new challenges?” If this is your case, it’s my opinion; you’re lacking the self-esteem and the self-confidence to make a commitment to face a new challenge because there’s a fear you’re running from and not accepting it in your own mind.

This could have stemmed from a simple failure at a very tender age and it’s caused you to fear new challenges in your life. There’s not a person on this earth who hasn’t had a simple failure in life and if everyone feared new challenges there would not be much productivity in the world would there?

Every person has a fear of accepting a new challenge and when we allow this fear to swallow our abilities to at least try a new or different task…it plays havoc in our daily lives and we’ll revert to becoming cowards who are afraid of advancing ourselves because we’ve permitted fear to kill our willpower to try new challenges.

Have you been offered a new position at work and you’ve turned it down? Did you know this could have caused you not to move up the corporate ladder because the manager saw you were afraid of a new challenge? The manager recognized your acceptance of defeat before you’ve ever attempted to try-out the new position you were offered. This has caused you the possibility of setting in the same position for the remainder of your career…you’ll never get up the ladder of success. Never run from new challenges because this can kill your wisdom and will to be successful.

Every person must face new challenges in life head-on or they’ll end up stymied in a job until retirement. What damage can accepting a new challenge do to you, it can cause you to succeed or for you to ask for another position? There’s certainly “no” sin against this. Many people do this every day in jobs because “some” challenges bore or become too repetitious for them and a person cannot be productive if they do not like their job. When you’ve taken a new challenge and you do not like it, there’s certainly no harm in asking for something different…a new challenge.

Wisdom is the law of a person’s ability to succeed in new challenges and we must try before we accept defeat. Never turn from a challenge but use your wisdom of “will” to at least try something new, and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll know you tried and didn’t renege without giving it a chance first. In doing this, you’ll not have to ever face the fear of a new challenge again but you’ll be willing to seek challenges instead of turning them down…rewards will awaken the mind.

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