Are You “Open-Minded”, I Don’t Think So!

If you peruse the internet like I do, you may have found, articles, blogs or comments regarding political topics and arguments related to politics. Unfortunately, more personal attacks and less reasoning seems to occur. Those who have a stance on a certain topic, for example a liberal standpoint on something like same sex marriage, would shut out an argument of those who disagree, like those with a conservative point of view and disagrees with the subject. Now, as a centrist who agrees with some points of the liberals, and some points of the conservatives, I tend to be open-minded about such topics. Okay, not really. I honestly believe that a concept like open-mindedness doesn’t truly exist, unless someone has never had contact or any experience or knowledge related to or about a certain subject (which is rare), other than that everyone has some sort of prejudice towards a topic.

To begin with, conservatives have traditional point of views. They are known as “close-minded people.” Which is in cases, a decent definition, when it comes to controversial topics, conservatives take a more traditional point of view and that’s that. Even if they claim to being open-minded about something, they will probably have their thoughts on a topic and they wouldn’t change it for anything. For example, even if a conservative would listen wholeheartedly on a topic like abortion, they would still be pro-life.

Liberals, are, for the most part, the one’s who claim to open-mindedness, but think about it thoroughly, would they even think to change their opinions on their more progressive views? I have many gay activists as friends, that I adore, but even though all of them claim to open-mindedness, if I were to suggest to them to take an opposing stance on same-sex marriage, they would be baffled, thinking the idea is absurd. In fact, I’ve had friends call conservatives stupid and close-minded because of their disagreements on such a topic. When it comes to some liberals who want change, they have their mind set on change and that’s, that, nothing will change their minds (ironically); so much for open-minded.

Most people who deal with a topic, even those who claim to open-mindedness, already have their stance on a controversial subject, and wouldn’t change their mind about the topic, even if they listen respectfully. I mean even as the interpersonal master, Dale Carnegie says ” A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Of course, there are those who are on the fence on topics, who may listen to both sides, but they will have their prejudices, and once they choose a side, they can’t really claim to open-mindedness anymore. Ultimately, the concept of open-mindedness isn’t practical, and really is just a way for people to make personal, illogical, attacks on those who disagree with views, and a way to glorify themselves.

So you and I, we are both close-minded.

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