‘Argo Online’: Sagittarius Class Guide

This is a class guide for “Argo Online’s” Florreslah Sniper class, the Sagittarius. This class specializes in crippling their opponents and taking them down quick and easy from long range. You may need to use a skill reset item for when you get to a higher level so that you can invest the proper amount of points to the skills you need. You can only have a max of 50 points, so choose wisely. Below is a list of the most important skills to have for a basic PVP sniper build. Experiment with other skills to create the perfect build that suits your playing style. I also included a small notation for how many points you should add to each skill.

Level 1 skills

Poisonous shot: Gives poisonous attack to the target and deals 22-23 damage, with a bonus of 16 continuous damage for 3 seconds.

Points to add: (1/5)

Improved rifle: Permanently increase your physical attack power by 5.

Points to add: (5/5)

Level 5 skills

Sure shot: Aim for the far away target for 1.5 seconds and deal 36-38 damage.

Points to add: (5/5)

Level 10 skills

Target confirmation: Put a debuff on the target that increases your critical hit damage by 5% (Only works with one enemy at a time).

Points to add: (5/5)

Stray fire: Give 42-44 heavy weapon damage and reduce enemy movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds.

Points to add: (1/3)

Level 15 skills

Co-target: Give 41-42 damage to the target and one other enemy next to the target.

Points to add: (5/5)

Add red-dot sight: Permanently increases your attack range by 3m.

Points to add: (3/3)

Level 20 skills

Improved poison shot: Increases damage of poisonous shot by 50%.

Points to add: (1/2)

Level 25 skills

Wrathful double shot: Quickly attack the target twice and deal 89-91 damage.

Points to add: (5/5)

Firearms mastery: Deals 133-136 damage, and deals a bonus of 12 continues damage for 4 seconds.

Points to add: (2/3)

Level 30 skills

Aimed shooting mastery: Aim for the far away target for 1.5 seconds and deal 156-159 damage.

Points to add: (3/3)

Improved sure shot: Increase sure shot damage by 30%.

Points to add: (3/3)

Breach targeting: Ignore the targets defense skill and debuffs them for 2 seconds.

Points to add: (3/3)

Level 35 skills

Hide: Reduces your movement speed by 30%, but you will be invisible for 60 seconds. Cannot use if enemy is within 8m.

Points to add: (1/1)

Level 40 skills

Blitz shot: Give 419-423 strong damage to target.

Points to add: (2/2)

Reinforce empty clip: Increases physical critical hit damage by 5% for 20 minutes.

Points to add: (3/3)

Level 45 skills

Shooting posture: Your range will increase by 20m, and your attack power by 600. While in shooting posture you will not be able to move, use other skills, or use potions for 3 minutes.

Points to add: (1/1)

Level 50 skills

Precise shot: Increases Physical critical hit rate by 80% for 30 seconds.

Points to add: (1/1)

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