Attacks on President Obama’s Character Unfair and Hurtful

I have watched as conservatives have tried their best to prove that Barack Obama is not one of us; that he’s a secret Muslim pretending to be Christian, and that he wasn’t born here. They have shown that they have not liked him since they first set their eyes on him. It has nothing to do with his policies. I believe it is because he is black and that he has a Middle-Eastern name; the middle one “Hussein” really doing the trick of course; “How dare him run for president with a name like that!” can’t you just hear those conservatives carrying on?

These guys had a problem with him propping his feet up on his desk in the oval office, even though there are numerous pictures of past presidents with their feet up on their desk, such as Reagan, Kennedy, Clinton etc. and yet when this man put his feet up on that desk, it was suddenly much different. Now I just wonder what was different this time than it had ever been before.

What they really want for themselves is to believe and what they also want all of us to believe is that there is and has been a conspiracy from the time he was born, and he has always been a part of it. They really want to believe, and also us to believe, that he’s Satan Incarnate; The Son of Perdition. And you know what? It’s going to be interesting when he finally flies away in that helicopter when the new president takes office, though it is in 2013 or more likely in 2017, and leaves the political life behind him. I just have to wonder what those same Republicans are going to say then.

I would want to ask those conservatives at that time, who wanted to believe that Obama was the Devil, here to take over the world, but now know differently; would that now mean the next Democratic president must then be the Devil instead? Shall we keep searching for him among the Liberals, and also the Muslims, and maybe the Mormons next? Who shall be the next group that Republicans decide is the Devil incarnate so they’ll know who needs to be treated with the least bit of respect, even for their office, because now they’re the Devil and anything they do is wrong and evil.

I myself would like to give high respect to a man who has allowed himself to be attacked in such a defamatory way. To imply that he is the Antichrist or Hitler or any of those negative and derogatory names that attack him personally, even though he has done nothing wrong, is simply cruel and even immoral. I would go on to call Obama’s response to these attacks, so reserved and maintained, as a sign of strong character, and a much better person than those who attacked his character.

I would suggest that we put ourselves in Barack Obama, the man’s mind and heart at this moment in his life, when he is fulfilling a great calling in his life to be president. Just think of what it must feel to have someone accuse you of being evil and even the Devil?

For me, it would anger me at first. I might want to direct some very cold and cutting words to the accuser, something that would shut them up or make their mouth fly open, one or the other. But afterwards, when I kneeled before my God and Father in Heaven, I would weep uncontrollably for a while, and I would hurt and God would comfort me and tell me not to worry; they also accused Jesus of the same thing.

So knowing how I would feel in such a situation, I’m sure that Obama must have had a struggle with this. Or maybe he’s stronger than me and instead just laughed it off. However he deals with it, he doesn’t show it at all when he’s standing before the cameras and in front of the American people. It does strengthen my support for the man, not just because he withstood all the attacks on his character, but that he has stood all the attacks on is character with great grace. He well understands the concept “Rise above it” and that he has.

I suppose those who read my blogs at all, know that I’ve always been a big supporter of the president, and I continue to be. It isn’t because I’m blinded by his smooth and confident voice, nor his promises which by the way; he has kept many of. It is because I have watched him and I have kept track of what he has and hasn’t done since he’s been in office. He has shown maturity and a willingness to find solutions to big problems, even if they’re not popular politically. I believe President Obama showed us that willingness during the health care bill debate in 2009 and on into 2010.

I of course haven’t always agreed with him and I also have questioned some of the things he has done, but I trusted his wisdom and his ability to reason. I’m sure he’s made mistakes and he’s done what he could to quickly change course and find the course that works the best to serve the American people.

I also believe that the interests of the American people as a whole has been this president’s main motivation since he has been in the White House, and I also believe that time will prove that he served that interests well.

So I say to the Republicans, who would undermine this president’s administration and turn against him at every turn, with whatever faults that they think they can find wrong with the character of Obama, and whatever they think that he is as far as the Antichrist or a socialist or Hitler or Stalin, or wherever they think he was born, here or in a foreign land; this man Barack Hussein Obama has got more character and more courage and more integrity, in just one of his pinky finger than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have together in their whole bodies. Excuse me for the rhetoric, but I just had to.

Now maybe this blog will come off to those on the right just a rhetorically typical blog by a rhetorically typical blogger, with a slug at Republicans and a praise of our beloved president. But I would like to ask conservatives to consider this one thing; just what if they’re wrong? What if all their attacks on this man have been unfair and wrong? What if Obama is just a man trying to do a good job at being president? What if he really isn’t trying to turn the country into a socialist state? What if you have attacked a man who is a good man at heart with a loving family that is also possibly affected by your attacks? I know his wife must be, if not his kids, who are I’m sure somewhat protected from knowing too much news about what some people think of their father.

Hopefully, President Obama will get his second term and he’ll have a chance to do some things he couldn’t get done in his first term. And hopefully if he does get a second term that those who have so strongly opposed his presidency during his first term, will choose to ease off of him some in his second go around. By doing so they will give our president the respect he is due, not just because of his office, but because he has been nothing at all but a good and decent man, who has done the best job he could do as president so far, with all of us Americans’ interests at heart, and I believe he will continue to do so throughout a second term.

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