Avoiding Seasonal and Year Round Allergies

Typically the amount of pollen that is out in the air is much higher during the fall and spring season that that of during the winter and summer. However, pollen does still travel during the summer and winter still causing people to sneeze and to feel that ‘stuffy’ head feeling. Spring time allergies are the result mostly from trees in comparison to perennial allergies which are the result mostly from pet dander and household dust. Fortunately, both seasonal allergies and perennial allergies can be avoided and reduced by taking a few extra precautionary steps in the fight against allergies.

For spring time allergies avoid going outside during 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. because this is the time that pollen is most abundant in the air. Pollen is carried through the wind and by bugs and can easily get into a person’s eyes, ears, mouth, and nose and cause all day long irritability, redness, soreness, and dryness. While driving keep the windows up and the air conditioning on to avoid over exposure to pollen while in a vehicle and do not hang dry laundry outside as this catches the pollen and traps it within the fibers. Mowing the grass can also leave a person over exposed in an increased amount of pollen so if possible either avoid doing this or commit to this activity fewer times throughout the month.

To help avoid perennial allergies leave the air conditioning inside the home on and change the filters to the air filter machines often. This will help catch dust, hair, and dander within the home. When entering the home make sure to remove clothing that may have caught pollen from the outside air as well as remove shoes before entirely entering the home. Be sure to wash hands, hair, and face as well to reduce the amount of pollen that make be sticking to these areas.

Remember that there is no cure for allergies but reducing the amount of exposure to them is possible. If over exposure to household dander is not avoidable than be sure to carry tools such as nasal spray and other medications or remedies that assist with the fight against allergies, both seasonal and perennial. If looking for a more natural remedy to help reduce the amount of irritation from allergies than wash the nose out with salt water. This is a process called ‘irrigating’ and does well with removing the itchy feeling from the face and nose.


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