Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

The flower remedies called Bach Flower Remedies or Bach’s Flower Essences are a series of 38 plants designed by Dr. Edward Bach to work on a person’s specific emotional state of mind. While traditional medicine works on the physical, Dr. Bach’s flower remedies work on the mental. There are 27 out of the 38 flower remedies that are said to work for pets. Before starting an herbal remedy for yourself or a pet, check with a health care professional.

Cherry Plum

In the Bach flower remedies cherry plum is for those that have lost the ability to self-control their actions. For pets, the cherry plum remedy is to get a self-controlled animal.


Chicory is for those that are too possessive and controlling in nature. For pets this will be taken for those that get too territorial so that they are a little less selfish in their actions.

Crab Apple

Crab Apple is for those that are overly obsessed with cleanliness and grooming. For pets, this means that crab apple will have a cleansing effect and they will be more at ease with how they are.


Heather is a flower remedy for those that have to be with someone all the time. Having heather used for pets will make the animal not need to be attended to at all times. It will not have to be a center of attention.


Holly may be given if there is an animal that is dealing with jealousy, whether with a new pet addition or family member. For pets, holly will give a more compassionate animal that can share and be at ease with new things.


Walnut is the Bach flower essence for those that are going through changes in their life. For walnut to be given to pets it should be when the animal has to be put into a new situation to help them adjust more comfortably.

Water Violet

Water violet is the Bach flower remedy for pets that need to be more sociable. If the pet is unfriendly and doesn’t want to be petted or tended to, this may be the remedy, according to the Bach Centre.


For those pets that have tons of energy and no patience, the impatiens flower remedy gives them the ability to wait and relax. It gives patience to the impatient.


Larch is the flower remedy for those that have no self-confidence and shy away from the spotlight. It can boost confidence and for pets will give them the ability to not be shy.

The Bach Flower Remedies have not been clinically determined to be effective; however, the Bach Centre in the U.K. teaches these formulas and distributes them. They believe that before self-medicating with any of these remedies, one should get a formal consultation with an official Bach practitioner.


Bach Flower Remedies

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