‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Goes Skinny-Dipping While Others ‘Strike Out’ in Game of Love

This week on “The Bachelor,” Ben Flajnik enjoyed two one-on-one dates, a group date, and an impromptu skinny-dipping session in Puerto Rico.

Nicki got the token rain date of the season, which brought them closer together. She also talked about her previous marriage and how she was ready to fairy tale ending.

Elyse had the other one-on-one date, and it was Brad & Britt 2.0. Both dates featured an enormous yacht. On both dates, contestants jumped into the water.

On Brad’s season, Michelle Money talked about how Brad and Britt had no connection and how they wouldn’t even be friends on Facebook. This season, Courtney talked about how Elyse probably wouldn’t be coming home after the date.

To nobody’s surprise, Ben sent Elyse packing. One way to scare a guy is to tell him that you’ve already accomplished everything you’ve wanted to do, that you quit your job to be on “The Bachelor,” and that being single is “annoying.”

How appropriate that the group date involved a baseball game at Roberto Clemente Stadium (given the analogies we always hear about baseball and love)? The ladies were divided into two teams.

The winning red team was rewarded with a helicopter ride and a romantic beach party with, while the blue team was left with a bus ride back to the mansion. If love is a baseball game, then these girls just struck out.

Although Kacie B. received the group date rose, Courtney received a bigger prize. She pulled Ben aside and tantalized him with an offer to go skinny-dipping. After sending Elyse home, she pulled a Michelle Money by sneaking some alone time (breaking unspoken ‘Bachelor’ etiquette in the process).

While Ben and Courtney were skinny-dipping, I couldn’t help wishing that one of the producers or cameramen would sneak up and steal their clothes.

Courtney may be conniving and mean-spirited, but all’s fair when it comes to love and war. She’s playing an impeccable game, while the “nice” girls are busy falling on their own swords. Emily shot herself in the foot again by using her alone time to talk about how she “stood by what I said about Courtney.”

If Charlie Sheen and Michelle Money had a love child, it would be like Courtney. Can she continue on her “winning” streak? Catch “The Bachelor” Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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