Bandana Chair Cushions

Whether you love the classic look of old bandanas, or the modern look of today’s bandanas, they’re cute and versatile. What used to be just handkerchiefs or pocket rags can now be turned into table runners, pillows, clothing, and more. Do you love bandanas? Do you have a nice collection of them? Why not use them to create a theme in the kitchen? Sew bandanas, corner to corner, to make a nice table runner. To go with that, make cushions for your kitchen chairs. If you can sew just a little you can quickly make adorable chair cushions that instantly give the entire room a delightful look.

Choose two bandanas which look alike or two which compliment each other to make each chair cushion. Cut the two bandanas to be 15×15″ or a size appropriate for your particular chairs. In addition to the two bandanas you’ll need a small amount of narrow ribbon or binding.

Cut two pieces of ribbon or binding, long enough to tie around a back chair rail, and fold each one in half. Stack the two bandanas on each other so that their right sides are facing. Pin the ribbons at two different corners which are next to each other. These two corners will then become the back of the chair cushion. Position the ribbons so that each one is between the two bandanas and so that the fold of the ribbon is at the very edge.

Start sewing on one side of the stack, about a third of the way to one corner, and sew all the way around the bandanas until you get to the side on which you started. Then, stop, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing the cushion. Make sure that, as you’re sewing around the perimeter, you sew over the fold of each ribbon.

Turn the bandanas right-side-out. Cut and stack batting pieces until they are about two and a half inches thick. These should be 14×14″ in size, or a size appropriate for your cushion sizes. Open the cushion and place the batting inside. Sew the opening shut.

If you want to add a button to the middle of the cushion – or more than one button – that’s easy to do. Thread a long needle, bring the ends together, and tie a knot. Push the needle through the cushion and pull it all the way through to the other side. Slide a button onto the needle, push the needle through to the other side, then slide the second button on. Continue sewing a few more times, going up and through the shank of each button, each time, until the buttons are tightly in place.

Whether you add buttons to the chair cushions or not you’ll absolutely adore the look of the bandana chair cushions. They’ll instantly transform the chairs, the table, and the entire room as well.

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