Barroom Brawl

I was drinking beer with a friend
That I grew up with from a kid.
We used to raise a lot of hell
And I cringe from things we did.

I’ve mellowed some since I grew up
And I thought that he had too.
We talked of all the old times
And of friendship tried and true.

The biggest man I’ve ever seen
Came walking in the door.
I swear that man stood seven feet,
And maybe even more.

My friend got up to talk to him,
I’ll never know just why.
It could have been the beer he drank,
Or just a will to die.

The conversation wasn’t long,
Till voices rose in ire.
The biggest man I’ve ever seen
Had just been called a liar.

I really don’t know what came down,
But the big man’s face turned red.
The veins stood out upon his neck
From collarbone to head.

He picked my friend up off the floor
In one big hairy hand,
And threw him clear across the room,
Not caring where he’d land.

I was amazed, my friend stood up,
He wasn’t even hurt.
The only mark of evidence
Was a tear upon his shirt.

He looked at me and blurted out,
“I told him what you said.”
And thoughts of places far away
Came popping in my head.

Now liars never prosper,
And friends should be discreet,
But lying friends were not for me,
I headed for the street.

Now, forty feet of running
Would have got me to through the door,
But a man in utter rage was standing
Half way ‘cross the floor.

I took a dive between his feet,
Like some cool football star,
Went out the door and down the street,
I was headed for my car.

Now, here I sit in jail for
A deed I never done.
The barmaid called the cops
And I was caught while on the run.

I’ll never trust my friend again,
Wherever he may roam,
And if he’s smart, when I get out,
He will have gone back home.

By Don Rothra

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