Bass Fishing Tips: 3 Effective Bass Fishing Tips

When it comes to bass fishing it seems to me that bass fishing tips are more prevalent than Hershey kisses in Rosie O’Donnell’s cupboards. It seems like every time you turn around there’s someone who fancies themselves a fishing expert and has a bass fishing tips to throw at you. I have three of those bass fishing tips to throw at you as well, but thee 3 effective bass fishing tips have been proven through more than 50 years of combined fishing experience.

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Does 50 years of combined fishing experience mean that these tips are the be all, end all when it comes to fishing tips? Certainly not, but it does mean that the tips have been proven through experience, which is incredibly valuable. Fishing experience is where fishing tips come from and these fishing tips come from experience.

There are many people out there selling all kinds of “systems”, over priced e-books, and devices that will supposedly help you catch more fish. I’ve actually seen one product being pimped out there that supposedly calls the bass (and every other species of fish) to you when you’re fishing? This market is marketed as some sort of “secret weapon”. How crazy does this sound? The bottom line is that the only secret to fishing is that there is no secret. Learn simple tips like the ones in this article and then go out and put them into practice.

So, what are these bass fishing tips that will help you catch more bass?

Use Line That’s As Light As Possible – Many bass anglers use fishing line that’s much heavier than they need to use. Bass have keen eyesight and in many instances can see your fishing line, and if the bass see your fishing line they are much less apt to bite. Obviously factors such as water clarity come into play as well. The bottom line is a great bass fishing tip is to employ fishing line that’s as light as possible. Use Realistic Bass Fishing Lures – No matter what type of fishing lure you choose to use, you want to make sure that your bass fishing lures are as realistic as possible. The more your bass lure looks like the quarry the bass normally eat, the more effective said lure will be. When it comes to bass fishing tips using a realistic fishing lure is one of the best Use Mother Nature To Your Advantage – As a bass angler you should always use Mother Nature to your advantage, specifically the weather and moon. These two forces of Mother Nature have an incredible impact on the feeding behavior of bass (and all other fish). This bass fishing tip can become quite involved, but the basics are simple to learn and put into practice. The bottom line is that using Mother Nature to your advantage is an extremely effective and useful bass fishing tip.

The 3 bass fishing tips just outlined are obviously not the only bass fishing tips you will ever need. They are however 3 tips that will most certainly help you become a much more successful bass angler. Give one or all of them a shot and find out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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