Be a Man, Elway! Cut Tebow

I open today with links to video clips. I would have thought John Elway attended these games or at least watched them on TV. These are highlights of an NFL quarterback.

If the clip from Tebow’s first start is accurate he ran for a 40 yard TD and threw a 33 yard TD in the first 7:30 OF THE GAME! This was his FIRST START EVER! Oh, I see. Elway did watch and wants to bury the kid or run him out of Denver. Like the old West: “There’s not room in this town for both of us.” And Elway is the sheriff in these here parts.

There is rumor that the brain trust in Denver wants to limit the damage of benching or trading/cutting Tebow. We won’t let that happen. It is an outrage. Just say you don’t want him and do the dirty deed. Be a man. He will be.

Don’t talk about him needing work and burying him behind Brady Quinn. Watch the clips again. Let the kid grow and enjoy the heights he will take you to. I feel like a lone voice screaming in the storm. Watch the deep throws. Your eyes don’t deceive you. THIS IS ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF REAL NFL GAMES! Maybe Tebow is being overcoached by old pros who want him perfect now. Maybe they are trying to relive their glory days. I just don’t understand. Enjoy the clips, they may be the last ones of Tebow you see.

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