Be Still

Be still for a moment and listen. Under the roar of the traffic and the chatter of those around you, a world awaits you that is perfect in it’s simplicity. Listen for the rustle of feathers as birds take flight. The whisper of the wind as it caresses the full branches of majestic trees. Happy crickets chirp merrily as they hop through the tall lush grass.

Nature is calling. Hear the gentle hum of the bumblebee as she floats above the delicate flowers of deep purple. The excited chatter of busy squirrels playing across the treetops. Listen to the hypnotic murmurs of the sea as it gracefully sweeps the shoreline. Just stop for a moment and listen.

Long before man began his quest for housing, transportation, and socialization, nature lived. Steady, at peace, constant. No bird wanted more, no tree ached for perfection. Nature lives as it always has, quietly and calmly. Accepting change happens, never taking more than needed, and finding time to play. Nature simply is.

Be still for a moment and allow nature to take you above the stress of daily living. The wind softly kisses your cheeks, the sun sending warmth and light into your heart. Smile at the joy that lifts you up, feel the peace for only a moment and allow it to relax you. Linger for a just a bit over the sweet aroma of flowers and watch the lazy fluttering of the butterfly. For a precious few seconds, you are one with nature.

Life calls and gradually traffic once again intrudes. The familiar sounds of cell phones, sirens, and chatter fill your consciousness and you again move with the flow of your day. Airplanes, trains, and whistles overtake the gentle world of nature. But you will visit again. For without the beauty, without the peace of nature, the world makes little sense.

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