Before It’s Too Late

The end of the year is upon us,

Soon another one is to begin,

Soon another one will take the place,

Of where we stand now,

It is the last time,

Before it is too late,

To make amends,

To forgive,

To apologize,

To give a helping hand,

At least for the year,

As the time will continue on,

We can keep on going where we are,

Or we can change,

Soon a new part of our path will be before us,

As the time winds down to the end,

We can give it our last best try,

Or fail miserably wishing we had,

Before it’s too late,

Before that clock strikes midnight,

Before the moment is gone,

Before you cannot do it again,

Take a moment,

Take a second,

That is all you need,

Change your story,

Change your life,

All it takes is just a few words,

All it takes is a moment,

A moment to change everything,

The clock is running out of time,

The time is now,

Before it is too late,

And you lose the moment,

The moment to change your life.

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