Benefits of a Local Auto Insurance Agent Claims Service

Many nationwide auto insurance providers work with local agents to handle processing of car insurance claims, and to build a customer base in certain geographic regions. When you get into a car accident and need to file a claim, it may be easier to work with a local auto insurance agent claims service provider instead of the large company. Most local agents serve as authorized independent agents for various companies and can provide a more personal touch and professional experience as you go through the claims process.

Here are some of the benefits of a local auto insurance agent claims service:

Faster Processing of Insurance Claim

If you want to file your claim over the phone or online, your local insurance agent can walk you through the process and monitor the claim’s progress with ease. They can identify missing information and contact you right away if they notice any major mistakes or errors. When you file your claim online, your claim may be assigned a submission number. A local insurance representative can call you to verify all information before it goes on to the next stage of processing. Working with a local agent may make the entire claims processing experience more efficient and in some cases, will speed it up.

One-on-One Interaction

If you have questions about filing a claim – as many people often do when filing an auto insurance claim the first time – you can get answers quickly when working with a local auto insurance agent. Your local insurance agent can talk to over the phone or email you to answer any questions you have about the claims process. They can instruct you about any supporting documents or evidence you need to include when filing the claim. This one-on-one interaction can help to increase customer satisfaction with certain companies and make the whole filing process much easier.

Saves Time and Less Stress

Many larger auto insurance providers have local claims branches in major cities, and at dozens of locations around the country. Working directly with a local agent means you can be put in touch with the main offices quickly and routed to the right department as needed. This can save you time and a lot of hassle when trying to find key information or learn about the status of your claim. If you need to meet the insurance agent in person, they will be at an office near your home and able to take appointments for an in-person meeting. Some local agents also offer after-hours reporting services so you don’t miss a single day to file an accurate claim.


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