Best European Theme Parks for Families

While a great deal of my family’s travel abroad focused on seeing historic sites and unique destinations, adding children to our travels often added a new layer of complexity to vacation planning. Don’t give up your dreams of seeing the Parthenon or the Eiffel Tower; make time for activities where you child’s entertainment is the focus as well. These theme parks throughout Europe all make excellent day trips and additions to the itinerary of a family touring Europe.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris might not see quite as many sunny days as its American counterparts, but this theme park still does everything Disney does best. Ride the rides, see the kids’ (and your) favorite Disney characters, watch a parade or a show, and make memories that will last a lifetime. The park is located just 35 minutes from the center of Paris by train. Tickets cost approximately €30 per person (depending on number of days/parks purchased).

You can easily build Disneyland Paris in to a long weekend in Paris and your children might be substantially more agreeable to all the sightseeing if they get a bit of a break from the museums.

Legoland UK

If you’re spending time in the United Kingdom during the spring, summer, or fall, a day at Legoland UK is an absolute must. Legoland Windsor Resort is located near London and accessible by car or train. Tickets cost approximately £40, though you can book as part of a lodging package to save money or earn a free day of play. If your children are interested in riding rides, exploring, building, and playing with Lego, or simply need to get out of the city for a day while you’re on holiday, Legoland makes an ideal choice.

There are other Legoland locations throughout Europe, so if the one in Windsor doesn’t work for you, do some research. Try Legoland Denmark or Legoland Germany.

Duinrell Wassenaar

Duinrell is located in the Netherlands, and provides the perfect destination for a family break amidst endless sightseeing and travel. Stay in a Duingalow for a night or choose a campsite instead. Visit the expansive amusement park and enjoy a second day splashing about in the Tiki Pool. If you’re doing a lot of travel throughout Europe, taking a few days to relax with the kids, somewhere with a kitchen and a living room instead of a hotel room, is an ideal choice.

Due to weather, Duinrell isn’t open year round, but would work well for travelers in the spring, summer, or early fall. Prices vary, and it’s easy to find something to meet your budget and your family’s needs.

Making time for the kids while you’re touring Europe can help keep the kids entertained and happy. These European theme parks for families will add an whole new dimension to your travels overseas.

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