Best Place to Buy Used Books Online

Books are becoming more and more expensive, causing many to turn to buying gently used books instead of brand new books. While this is a great option, the question however turns to where to buy used books online. Amazon has an amazing selection of used books, but unfortunately when you add on shipping costs the shipping usually ends up equaling as much or more as the books themselves or if you find yourself having to spend $25 just to reach the free shipping limit. So besides Amazon where are the best places to buy used books online?

Better World Books

Not only does Better World Books offer a great selection of used books but each time you purchase a book from Better World Books for yourself they donate a book to someone in need.

The books at Better World Books start at $3.48 each with most books fetching a price of $3.98 each. Not all books at Better World Books are used, you can find several brand new ones as well, however these do cost more than their used books.

The Book Depository

The Book Depository is a UK bookseller that offers free worldwide shipping, which means that even customers in the US can receive their order for free. They also advertise that books are shipped within forty-eight hours of purchase.

The Book Depository offers a wide range of new and used books, as well as over eleven thousand free e-books.

Thrift Books

Thrift Books is another great online store that sells used books and offers free shipping in the US with shipping to the UK and Canada for $2.99, and to the rest of the world for $4.99.

As with Better World Books and The Book Depository, Thrift Books also sells both new and used books. They also have a section of books on their website dedicated to books priced just four dollars and under. If you are looking for a specific book and are wanting to find that book online for the absolute best price available without having to search endless online bookstores than is the best option for you. It has been described as “the Google of dead books”. Just type in the name of the book you are looking for and instantly provides you with the links to where you can buy this book online, as well as for what price it is selling for which allows you to instantly compare prices in one spot.

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