Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys 2011-2012

If you need some help on where to start in picking gifts for your 6 year old boy for this 2011 Christmas season and into 2012, here is a selection from the list of Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys 2011-2012.

What follows are the top 3 from this “best” list. The list is ranked based on the most recent and top toy sales plus on general consumer preferences:

Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster:

This is the number 1 pick for 6 year old boys. The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster is just pure blasting fun, and the squishy Nerf “ammunition” guarantees there will be no damages, indoors or out. This newest Nerf Blaster version has an acceleration trigger to power up for distance blasting and an electronic scope which features pulsing lights. This model comes with 20 Nerf discs and a magazine to hold them on the Blaster. There is additional storage on the Blaster for more magazines and discs which may be purchased separately.

This Vortex Nitron Blaster also includes Nerf’s XLR long-range disc technology which launches the discs to max distances. This high-tech blaster from Nerf will delight your 6 year old.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet:

At the number 2 spot is this entertainment plus learning device. The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet is kid friendly with its 5″ color touch screen and will stand up to kids’ roughhousing, bumps and shakes. Included is a built-in camera and video recorder plus 4 apps to get your little guy started (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio and one more app of your choice).

More apps may be purchased separately from a selection of over 100 cartridges that are available. Additional subjects offered include reading, mathematics, science, geography, art, music, language and culture, health and more. Keep your 6 year old entertained and enlightened with this high-tech tablet for youngsters.

Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime:

If you have a Transformers fan on your Christmas list, this number 3 top toy pick is a must have. There is a good reason the Transformers Dark of the Moon MechTech Ultimate Optimus Prime has the “Ultimate” title. This is the premium, movie-adapted Transformers toy that is on the market and stands over 22 inches tall in robot mode. It has a sleek design, glowing weapon lights and emits both battle and conversation sounds. In vehicle mode, it includes the classic blue and red truck tractor plus a trailer that converts to the Omega Combat Armor. Any Transformer fan will love having this Ultimate Optimus Prime as part of his collection.

We are in the pre-holiday mode and these top 3 picks from the Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys 2011 into 2012 are already top sellers. Make your choices soon for best selection.

Resource: Toys for 6 Year Old Boys – 2011-2012 Top 10 Picks @ Squidoo Hobbies and Toys

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