Best Valentine’s Day Makeup

Romance is definitely in the air. I can smell it in the heavy perfumes every time I walk past the makeup stores in the mall. And I can practically taste it in the Valentine’s Day aisle at the grocery store. But I guess the constant reminders will keep me from forgetting this important day of romance. And it gives me plenty of time to figure out my makeup look for my Valentine’s Day events. Need a few ideas? Here are some that I’m considering.

Dark, sultry eyes. If you like a more mysterious look, try dark and sultry eyes. Use colors such as charcoal, burgundy, or chocolate brown on your lids. Put a tiny bit of light shimmer in the corner of your eye and below your brow bone to keep the look from getting too dark. Blend. Use black eyeliner and two coats of black mascara.

Cat eyes. For a totally trendy, sexy, cat-woman look, try cat eyes. Use dark liner (liquid looks great but is the hardest to control) to line your upper and lower lids. Wing the outside corners out and up to elongate your eyes. The thicker and longer the liner, the more dramatic the cat eye will look.

Soft, smokey eyes. This look is classic. Use a light, creamy shadow under your brow bone, a taupe in the crease, and a soft charcoal or chocolate on the lid. Blend well, so you get a seamless color that goes from dark to light. Line your eyes with a charcoal liner and smudge. Finish with two coats of black mascara. Keep the look soft.

Sweet, pink cheeks. If you’re a sweet romantic, then this look is for you. Keep your eyes neutral, and swirl a bright pop of pink on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off with a bubble gum pink or clear gloss for a fun, sweet, girl-next-door look.

A wine stained lip. For a beautiful but not perfectly primped look, go for a wine-stained lip. Wear a smokey eye, a bronzer instead of blush, and skip the lipstick. Instead, grab a deep wine-colored lip stain and blot it on your lips. The less perfect you make it, the more edgy the look. Keep it matte or top it off with gloss, whatever you prefer.

A classic red lip. A classic red lip is classy, but hard to maintain if you’re going to dinner. First, apply a lip primer. Then fill in your lips with a neutral lip pencil. Then apply red lipstick with a lip brush. Blot and reapply. Keep it matte for a retro look or add a heavy coat of gloss for a more modern look.

For the best Valentine’s Day makeup, don’t go crazy. This is not the time for gold sprinkled lips, rainbow colored eye shadow, or flaming hot pink cheeks. Keep your makeup gorgeous and sexy – not crazy or cartoonish. Go easy on the bronzer – it looks too fake for the middle of winter. Only powder your T-zone for a dewey, not oily look. Keep it fresh, keep it simple, and you’ll look great for your special date.

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