Bestseller Status on Amazon with Free EBooks

Selling your eBooks on Amazon is profitable but you can become a ‘bestseller’ by giving away eBooks freely. Trust me it can be done but there is a trick to it. The trick is not breaking any rules so you do not jeopardize your Amazon account.

If you wondering how to get your eBooks on Amazon free, there is a small trick that any indie author can do. You need to give it away on another site such as Smashwords first. Make sure your story has a great plot, loveable characters and moves at an even pace. No one likes a slow moving story with awful characters.

Once it is all written make a snazzy cover that will grab the eye of your intended audience. Make sure the cover reflects the people or a vision from the story. It’s easier to create your own covers using your own photographs or drawings because while Amazon allows 2D covers, Smashwords does not.

Take the time to make sure your eBook is correctly formatted for Kindle and other e-Reading platforms. I usually make one and save it for Amazon and another one for the Smashwords website. To tell them apart I simply, add the title and the word Amazon when I save the file for Amazon. Both of these websites require your eBook be formatted a bit differently.

If you do not know how to format your eBook, ask a friend who has formatted their own. Make sure it is a friend you trust, because you do not want your work pirated by someone.

First, upload your file to Amazon, set the price at ninety-nine cents, add the other details and allow it to run through their queue. Once it is through their queue, go ahead and upload it to Smashwords. On Smashwords, make it a free eBook. This site will send it to Barnes and Nobles, diesel eBooks, and many other sites. In reality your eBook will be free on many sites.

Once the Amazon crawler finds the lower priced copies of your eBook it will automatically lower the price on its website. Then simply wait a few days or weeks and you have a free book on Amazon, once the crawlers find it free elsewhere. It is a great way to get the acknowledgement you deserve as an author.

Once your e-book is listed as a freebie people will download it, because they want a free read. They will tell their friends and as word of mouth spreads, you will begin climbing the ranks. If you climb the Amazon ranks far enough you have earned a bestseller status with a free book.

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