Beware of Bad Animal Transporter Kyle Stotler

When an animal rescue group pulls an animal from a shelter, often they need a transporter to get the animal from the shelter to the rescue. When a family pet needs to get from point A to point B, typically across thousands of miles, the family may call in an animal transporter. When someone adopts an animal from a shelter or rescue, often it is a transporter who brings the animal from the rescue or shelter to the adopter.

Just as with animal rescue groups and shelters, individuals rely on animal transporters to be animal lovers who have the animals’ best interest at heart. They entrust the life of their loved one in the hands of a stranger, believing safeguards are in place and believing that the animal transporter has a good heart.

What happens when that trust is broken?

In November 2010, a family of Pit Bulls was being transported from a shelter in CA to a rescue in CT. the transporter taking them from NM to CT was Kyle Stotler. Not only did the dogs: mom, dad and three puppies, not arrive safely to the rescue in CT, Kyle Stotler and the Pit Bulls disappeared. When questioned by the rescue group waiting in CT as to their whereabouts, Kyle Stotler had excuse after excuse for what happened. With no help from Stotler, the rescue group in CT tracked down the missing Pit Bull family at a shelter in NM. The shelter staff told the rescue that dad and the puppies were brought in by a man claiming they were wandering the streets. Mama Pit Bull, named Chloe, is still missing.

In June 2011, a Pit Bull named Baby (Riley) was pulled from a shelter in CA and was being transported by Kyle Stotler to a rescue in NY. Stotler expressed interest in adopting Baby (Riley) but the home check did not pan out and the rescue requested Baby (Riley) be returned. But Baby (Riley) mysteriously went missing and Kyle Stotler was full of excuses as to his whereabouts. A search for Baby (Riley) led to the discovery of his body in a ditch just miles from Stotler’s residence, a victim of an apparent poisoning. Across the street, another body of a dog was discovered- another rescue dog that was in Stotler’s care.

In July 2011, Charlie, a 16 month old Pit Bull mix puppy, was pulled from the Irving Animal Shelter in TX by a rescue organization in CA, only to be stolen by the animal transporter, Kyle Stotler. Charlie was recovered from Stotler after months of searching but the rescue in CA backed out and Charlie was sent back to the Irving Animal Shelter.

Kyle Stotler is still listed under Uship, the company he is associated with for transporting these animals. Stotler continues to operate as a transporter. Uship could not be reached for comment.

Research shows other possible victims of Kyle Stotler’s but nothing definitively documented to report in this article. It is important to note that the dogs being stolen from this man tend to be Pit Bulls.

Note: Charlie was once again saved by a rescue shortly after being sent back to the shelter.

**If anyone has any information, please contact me through my profile.

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