Birthday Party Options in Indianapolis, Indiana

Planning the perfect birthday party can be a nightmare for parents. A game or two of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and some cake and ice cream just is not what the kids want anymore for a party. Birthday parties can vary in size, but kids want to outdo all of their friends when it comes to who can have the best party. In most households, moms are working and do not have time to plan that perfect party and do all of the work so finding a place that does some of the planning for them is a huge relief for them. Here are some of the best birthday party ideas in and around Indianapolis, Indiana.

If the kids are elementary age or younger, the party might not have to be as elaborate and you might be able to go with a couple of games, some cake and ice cream, and a clown for the entertainment. Clowns Etc. is the place for you to look for your next clown. With over 25 years experience, these clowns are well trained and loads of fun! The will make your party memorable for years to come. You can check out their website or you can contact them at 317-848-1300.

Another fabulous choice for a party for kids this age is a party at Gymboree. They specialize in parties from age 1- age 5, but young elementary students will enjoy it here too. The nice thing about parties here is that there is no cleanup for parents and all party supplies are included along with fun themed parties. Check their website here.

For older elementary and middle school children, you might need something a little more creative, but still full of fun. One of the hot trends right now is to host your party and make some pottery at the same time. Companies like Rocky Ripple Clayworks and Half Baked Pottery are good for these types of parties. Companies like this allow the guests to have a special gift to take home with them as a party memory.

Rocky Ripple Clayworks offers traveling pottery classes. Kids will enjoy making their own pottery piece and learn some skills at the same time. This company offers presentations for all sorts of parties and all budgets. Call them at 317-514-8469 to host your party today. Classes and workshops are also offered with this company.

Half Baked Pottery knows that birthday parties can be a lot of work and that parents are tired by the time the party is over, so they will help with the party and clean up the mess. They offer instruction and supervision while the children are creating their masterpieces and have 6 wonderful colors to paint the item with. All pottery will be glazed and fired to preserve it for years to come. All guests will get a free studio fee coupon for use at a later time as well. Call them at 317-251-2386 to schedule your next party with them.

If your children are into video games, then you might consider Rolling Video Games. This is a fairly new business in Indianapolis, but is certainly a popular one with kids as they will bring the video games to the door and the fun to the party with a large video game theatre on wheels.

Kids can enjoy playing “all the newest games from Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with a “Game Coach” to help anyone who needs it.” Games will be played on one of the four widescreen high def televisions and enjoy the comfortable seats that each rolling game offers. The “game coach” is someone who guides the children in playing the games and being professionally trained, they will offer hints and tips to the children that will aid them in playing the games as well.

They do all the setup, entertaining, and cleanup as well. Some of the packages that they offer will provide the cake (usually an ice cream cake with their logo) and invitations as well as they arrive at your door. They will also provide a glow necklace for the guest of honor and they will certainly bring the fun the kids are waiting for.

Once Upon a Party is a fabulous, fun party planning and hosting company as well. The nice thing about this party company is that they can do whatever theme you need. They will do all of the work as well from taking care of the invitations to taking the photos for you. They do all of the activities including crafts, face painting, etc. They offer gifts for the birthday child including a photo book and they also offer a photo thank you card for the guests so that everyone can remember the wonderful party that they attended. Your child is sure to be the hit party of the year if you call them to plan your next party. Call 317-385-9005 or visit their website to schedule your next party.

For girls who like gymnastics, try Dana Mannix Gymnastics. This is a premiere gymnastics party for all girls with plenty of fun and activities including games, an obstacle course, parachute play and an 18 foot climbing net. They also offer trampolines, a tumble-trak, and an in-ground loose foam pit that is sure to have your guests laughing for days after the party. They offer an 11/2 hour party which will include all the activities for an hour and then ½ hour for time to enjoy cake, ice cream, and gifts. They also offer two party packages that parents can choose from: a basic party which includes the games, activities, a tee shirt for the birthday child but the parents must provide the cake and ice cream or a premium party which includes custom invitations, a mini water bottle, cake, ice cream, paper products and a gift bag for each child. Also, the birthday child will receive a tee shirt as a gift as well. Parties are available for children from age 2-16 and there will be an instructor there to aid the children with the activities and equipment.

Also, especially for girls, is a Glitz and Glamour Party. Here girls will get to be the diva that they want to be. This is the poshest spa in Indiana for girls and is a great place to host her next party. If your child thinks she is a princess now, wait until she is finished with her party and she will be sure to believe that she is a true diva! There are several party themes that parents and their daughter can choose from including spa diva, princess, diva, fancy Nancy party, and a Glama Jama party, which will be the ultimate pajama party. These parties can really get very involved if parents are willing to pay the price for things like limo rides to the party of even a horse drawn carriage ride. The parents will not have to furnish food or drinks for these parties as everything is included. There are makeovers included with each party package as well. Spoil her for her birthday and let her have a glam party!

A party planned using Recreation Unlimited is a sure hit with children of all ages and boys and girls too. They will provide the playhouses, games, trampolines, basketball goals, rainbow play sets, and a climate controlled party room while you will provide the rest. They offer kids tables and chairs and supplies needed for cleanup, but you will need to do the cleanup. They will also have a microwave and refrigerator for your use to keep food in. Let the kids enjoy the large playground, but be prepared to be in charge of their entertainment and cleanup with Recreation Unlimited.

Depending on if you want to do part of the planning and work, most of the planning and work, or all of it there is a company out there that can help you with your party needs. Some of these will do most of the work for you so that you can enjoy your child’s’ special day with them. As a parent, we know that the years where they want you to be involved in their parties goes by quickly so it might be worth the added expense to have someone else do most of the work so that you can enjoy the early years. Before you know it, they will be hosting parties of their own and this time of the year just won’t mean as much. Children like to be the guest of honor on their birthday and these companies sure know how to make them feel like King or Queen of the Day!

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