Black Sabbath Recording New Studio Album

One of the pioneers of heavy metal music, Black Sabbath is known worldwide for Ozzy Osbourne’s signature vocals, Tony Iommi’s C-sharp guitar tuning, and their revolutionary, sinister-sounding music. Well, the band has returned to change the world once again. On 11/11/11, all four original members of the band came together for a public press conference, and the band stated that they were reuniting to record their first new studio album in over 32 years. The band also informed the world that they would also begin a 2012 world tour following the new album release. The album is set to be produced by Rick Rubin, who most notably worked with bands such as AC/DC, Metallica, and Aerosmith.

Geezer Butler stated during their 11/11/11 meeting that the band’s new material sounds like the “old Sabbath style and sound,” and that the band already a couple of songs already recorded. Unfortunately, a few months later, tragedy struck the band. Iommi was diagnosed as having the early stages of Lymphoma. Fear struck the music world, but Tony reassured that he would still continue with his plans to record the new Black Sabbath album as well as tour with Black Sabbath. Almost on queue, it seems that the inner workings of the band unraveled. Drummer Bill Ward would go on to state on his official web site that he will no longer work with Black Sabbath to record a new studio album unless “a signable contract is drawn up.” Despite all of these obstacles and setbacks, Black Sabbath is determined to keep working on their return album.

Following Ward’s public statement, Black Sabbath responded stating that they had “no choice but to continue recording without him,” but also stated that “our door is always open” if Ward wished to return to Black Sabbath. Butler stated on his website that as Iommi is going through Lymphoma treatment, he has currently written two new songs in his signature “Demon C” tuning. It is also rumored that Osbourne’s solo band drummer, Tommy Clufetos, is currently taking Ward’s place in Black Sabbath. Despite the current setbacks, all of the original members are scheduled to headline the upcoming UK Download Festival on June 10. Black Sabbath’s new album is set to be released late 2012.

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