Blogging Tips: How to Write Great Headlines

Would you like to learn some great blogging tips? In this article, I will focus on how to write great headlines.

Headlines are titles that are used in articles that you create. Creating effective headlines are important because this is what generates your traffic. It is the buzz that will get the reader excited about clicking on the link to read your content.

You want to take a little bit of time in doing your research to select the best headline for the article you are constructing. So don’t rush the process. If you are new writing a good headline can take up to 30 minutes to do. It took me about 5 minutes to come up with this headline.

Who are you writing the article for? Who is going to be reading it? I selected blogging tips for the first part of my article because the individual that I am writing the article for wanted some blogging tips. When you write a headline, you want to keep your keywords in mind, so I darted over to Google Adwords and checked out how many people were searching for blogging tips. Blogging tips gets 22,000 hits per month.

The next step is to start reading the keyword ideas to figure out what kind of tips I will be writing about. I decided to go for an article that would be suitable for the beginner. Now you want to go to your favorite search engine and type in one of your keyword ideas. In my case it is blogging tips for beginners.

I see a lot of examples on how to write. Now I go back to Google Adwords and check the keyword tool for how to write. I get over 800 examples so I typed in two phrases: how to write a headline and how to write a title.

Now look your keyword ideas and I found that people that are searching for headlines are writing articles and those who are writing titles are writing for essays and books. So even though the keyword phrase brings in 4,400 hits per month using headline over 74,000 hits per month using title. I select headline. I’m doing this because I’m focusing on captivating the article writer vs. the book or essay writer.

Now I want to look back down at my keyword ideas for the search phrase, how to write headlines and I find a few adjectives: effective and great. I like the word magnetic, so I type in that phrase to see what comes up. I get the following from my research:

effective – 480

magnetic – 140

great – 8,100

Even though I like the word magnetic the best, I selected great because of how many searches it obtains in a month. Now I ad up my keywords to come up with a total of 34,500 hits per month I can expect to get if my article gets to the top of the search engines for the following phrases: blogging tips, great headlines, how to write headlines.

Last, you’re going to want to create some kind of list for headlines you can use in the future. Look at newspapers, magazines, search engines, Google Ads etc to come up with a list of headlines that you like. Go through the steps in this article to rewrite what you see. Make it better and get more hits.

The second list I use are a catalog of adjectives that I like. I compile this list using the thesaurus. Here is an example of words that I like:


















So this is how I ended up with the headline blogging tips: how to write great headlines. Now try this for yourself.

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