Brady Spent the Bye in the Bahamas, Comments on Gronkowski

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t get a lot of time off during the season to enjoy a break with his family, but he made the most of it while New England was off during the bye week.

Brady made his weekly appearance this morning on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” and said that he and his wife Gisele took the kids to the Bahamas, and he enjoyed having the chance to build sand castles on the beach.

“We went on vacation to the Bahamas,” said Brady. “I was with my wife and my kids and just to see them play and build sand castles on the beach, you never think it’s going to be this much fun. You realize how much your mom and dad really love you when you’re able to spend some time with your kids.”

The team currently sits at 5-1 as they get set for a showdown Sunday in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, and one player Brady is obviously aware of is Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. He said that he and Bill Belichick spent some time yesterday going over film of Polamalu, and that the veteran is ‘as good as he’s ever been.’

“Troy is a phenomenal player,” said Brady. “I watched a bunch of his highlights with Coach Belichick yesterday in our film study. He’s as good as he’s ever been. He flies around the field. He’s incredibly fast and instinctive. He covers a lot of ground out there. You have to keep your eyes on him on every play.”

Meanwhile, Brady’s heard all the talk about tight end Rob Gronkowski and his encounter with BiBi Jones over the weekend, and knowing his tight end as well as he does, he’s not exactly surprised.

“No, but I’ve heard,” said Brady when asked about the topic. “He never ceases to amaze me. I would have guessed there would be pictures of him somehow with his shirt off, posing or something like that. I’m just glad I’m no longer the one that people are making fun of on my team on a daily basis.”

Brady said that a visit with Belichick is probably in the second-year player’s future, although considering other things Gronkowski has done, apparently it’s not exactly the first time he’ll be making one.

“He’s used to that walk into coach’s office now,” said Brady. “He probably knows it’s coming.”

Brady also was asked about the jersey that was with Gronkowski that he apparently keeps for situations like the one that happened over the weekend, and apparently it’s something he was already aware of.

“The Gronkowski travel bag?” quipped Brady. “The jersey, and the football to throw around at the pool at the Hard Rock. He has more fun than anybody. He doesn’t miss a fun day. Gronk is single, he’s young and he’s making his own decisions. It’s hard for coach … he talks to us every time we head out for an extended vacation about our decision-making. I’m sure he’ll have something to say to Rob. The players will probably be asking more details – the jersey that the girl was wearing or something like that.”

The last time they visited the Steelers, Gronkowski caught three touchdown passes, and Brady also scored one of his own in a 39-26 win on Sunday Night Football. After the play Brady spiked the ball with some authority, saying that since it doesn’t happen very often he thought he may as well enjoy it.

“I don’t run much, and I certainly don’t sneak it from very far out,” said Brady after that game. “Coach made a great call, and I was just able to fall forward. I don’t know, I was pretty excited. I don’t score very often so when I do I make sure. As a 49ers fan I loved Tom Rathman, and every time he scored he spiked it as hard as he could, so I’ve always loved that. I guess at times when I do get in the end zone I like to spike it.”

Hopefully Sunday’s game has a similar storyline as last year’s contest, and the two are able to put together a repeat performance.

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