Broccoli and Its Health Benefits

When we were little we were told to eat those little green trees on our plate or we wouldn’t get dessert. Now that we are all grown up we know those little trees were just a nickname for broccoli, which contains many nutrients in it that are beneficial to keeping our bodies healthy naturally.

Appearance, Texture and Flavor of Broccoli

Broccoli looks like a tree with its hard crisp light green bulky stalk like stem and its flowery green head. It has a bitter leafy green taste too it, which is why many people do not like the way it taste. However, if broccoli is seasoned and steamed properly it tastes pretty darn good.

Home of Broccoli

Broccoli evolved from a wild cabbage plant in Europe thousands of years ago. Today, broccoli can be found growing in gardens all over the world in places like North America, South America, China, Australia and Africa. Typically, broccoli grows best when the weather is cool and the soil is moist with plenty of fertilizer because broccoli needs a lot of nutrients to grown. Broccoli plants tend to grow up to 3 feet tall in about 3 to 4 months if the weather conditions are just right. When the broccolis have fully matured with a lush green flowering heads and a thick stalk like steam it is harvested by cutting the head right off the stalk with a knife. Then the broccoli heads are placed in ice cold water to keep fresh until they are ready to be used. Broccoli is typically used it soups, eaten freshly steamed with herbs and spices, added to casserole dishes, or eaten raw with vegetable dip.

Nutrients in Broccoli

Vitamins B complex, E, C, K and A
Omega Fatty Acids
Amino Acids
Sulfur Compounds

Health Benefits

The main reason it is essential to add broccoli to your daily diet is because it can help prevent many types of cancers from forming by keeping the body free from radical cells, inflammation and toxins. Some of the types of cancers broccoli can help prevent are colon, breast, lung and prostate. The nutrients in broccoli is even excellent for keeping the bones and teeth strong and healthy, which is why are parents tried so hard to get use eat this vegetable. Broccoli is even helpful to eat because the sulfur compounds help kill the bacteria in the gut that harmful and painful stomach ulcers. Those who suffer from inflammatory disease like arthritis and gout can relieve your inflammation naturally by snacking on some raw broccoli for a healthy snack each day. I personally eat broccoli a lot to help keep the inflammations down in my body caused by my autoimmune disease. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep the cardiovascular system healthy broccoli can help do just that due to its abilities to lower high cholesterol levels. Other reasons to eat broccoli a few times per week are because the nutrients in it can help keep the eyes, skin and healthy as well as boost the immune system so it is able to fight off the cold and flu better during cold and flu seasons. Broccoli even contains anti-viral properties in it that can help fight off viral infections. So, why wouldn’t you add this vegetable to your daily diet?


Those with thyroid disease should take precaution when eating broccoli because it does contain goitrogens that affect the way the thyroid gland works. Some people do have allergies to broccoli, but this is rare. Overall, broccoli is safe to eat to help treat common health conditions and keep the body healthy and strong naturally.

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